“I wanna stop at the Get N Go to pick up some snacks. Ya wanna head to the river or the Capitol first?” Kimmy wasn’t hungry but it was a familiar pattern she’d followed on nights like this with her friends on life’s other side.

    In brown paper bags each carried their favorite junk food and beverage as they headed up Grand toward The State Capitol Building and the historic park monuments that surround it.  Musicians were often found there on pleasant nights sharing their art with anyone who wanted to listen.  The night felt right, fond memories were shared.  In their laughter they were oblivious to his approach.

     Kimmy’s jacket was scruffed tightly about her neck. A .45 caliber dug into her rib cage.  “Hello Kimberly,” Dirk snarled.  Alex and Amelia froze where they stood. “And you are Amelia. I don’t know you, yet,” he spoke looking at Alex, “but I’ll ID you later, or maybe I’ll just wait for the paper to post your name when they discover your rotting corpse with these two.”  

“Move down that alley very slowly.” He motioned with his head toward a narrow dark drive that ran next to Capital City Florist.  It was an error in judgment; the poorly lit alley was not to his advantage.  He didn’t see the watery pothole before he sunk his prosthesis into the puddle.