Suddenly brown leather boots appeared to be standing on the blood…not in the blood. She looked up, her face flush and streaked with tears.   Evron said “Amelia, you’re dead. A dead person can’t breathe life into someone else.”   She looked at the faces of the men around her – they didn’t see Evron.  The woman returned and calmly said, “Help is coming.  I’m a police officer.”  She looked at Amelia and said, “Are you trained in CPR?”  Amelia scrambled off Alex. “Go get a towel,” she calmly directed, “and apply pressure to the wound.”

    Amelia started for the locker room but Evron stepped in front of her. “You can’t interfere and you can’t be questioned. You need to leave.”  She looked back at the swimmers gathered around Alex’s limp bloody form then sprinted past Evron to the locker room. When she ran back with the towel she pressed it forcefully into the hands of the closest person. She hesitated only for a moment, hoping to see his lungs fill before she retreated to the locker room. She dressed quickly and heard the ambulance approaching as she left the building.  On the street she rounded the corner of the Y and stood in the dark, sobbing.